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Peter Millar, Men's Toucanopy Swim Volley (Coral)

Quick Dry, Mesh Lining, Stretch Swim Trunks

We love this floral print bathing suit from Peter Millar! The toucan amid the leaves recalls the tropics, where we'd all love to be! In coral, these pair nicely with a white polo shirt.  Wear this to the beach with a pair of flops and go straight from the ocean to happy hour!

These trunks are made from an extremely quick-drying fabric blend that has plenty of stretch. Complete with a mesh lining.

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  • 8 Inch Inseam
  • M= 32-33 (not exact)
  • L= 34-36 (not exact)
  • XL= 36-38 (not exact)
  • XXL= 40-42 (not exact)


  • 100% Polyester

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