Men's Bathing Suits

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Shop men's bathing suits at Global Pursuit.

Men's bathing suits is a huge department at Global Pursuit. Being at the shore, we take pride in providing our customers with a wide range of swim options. Though some of our suits are loud, and some conservative, all are high-quality, comfortable, and quick-drying.

There are numerous things that differentiate men's bathing suits from one another. One of the most important distinctions, though, is between volleys and boardshorts.

Men's Volleys are swim trunks with elastic waistbands and mesh lining—perfect for the man looking for a leisure bathing suit that form to fit his physique. These are not necessarily inadequate for swimming, surfing, or running on the beach. Indeed, many of our customers prefer volleys for these purposes.

Men's Boardshorts are swim trunks specifically designed for surfing. Boardshorts are durable and made to hold up from rubbing on a surfboard. We recommend these to paddle boarders, boogie boarders, and swimmers. Boardshorts, though especially popular with surfers and younger customers, are nonetheless favorites for many of our older customers, who prefer their sleeker look and fit.

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