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Men's Tee Shirts at Global Pursuit

The humble tee shirt is a versatile item. It can be worn on the weekends, to the beach, to the gym, and more. But, of course, different tees work for different occasions. Global Pursuit stocks stylish tees for nights out, graphic tees for casual occasions, and performance tees for the gym.

Johnnie-O and Faherty tee shirts, a cut above your average, can often be worn as fashion pieces. These high-quality tees can easily be worn out to the bars with jeans and low-profile sneakers.

Patagonia makes some of our favorite performance-wear. Their Capilene tees, which are lightweight, UPF protected, and quick-drying, can be worn to the gym or out on the water.

Whether you're looking for a striped, stylish piece to wear to the bars, a casual tee, or a performance one for the gym, we've got you covered, so pick up your new favorite tee from Global Pursuit today!