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Sito, Cult Vision Polarized Sunglasses (Cosmic / Indigo Gradient)

Sito Sunglasses

Unleash your inner sex panther or glow leopard with Sito Cult Vision Sunglasses in Cosmic. As the reigning big cat eye of the sunglass queendom, Cult Vision will elevate your style to majestic heights.

Handcrafted with precision, these sunglasses feature a frame made from plant-based acetate. This sustainable material not only adds an eco-friendly touch to your accessory collection but also ensures durability and a unique, handcrafted aesthetic.

The high-quality CR 39 lenses of Cult Vision offer exceptional clarity and visual comfort. Whether you're strolling under the sun or basking in its glow, these lenses provide reliable protection against harmful UV rays, keeping your eyes shielded and your vision clear.

Sito values sustainability, and that's reflected in the packaging of the Cult Vision sunglasses. Each pair comes with sustainable packaging, including a protective pouch made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring your sunglasses stay safe when not in use.


  • Handmade plant-based acetate frame for a unique and eco-friendly look
  • High-quality CR 39 lenses for exceptional clarity and visual comfort
  • High UV protection to keep your eyes shielded from harmful sun rays
  • Sustainable packaging including a protective pouch made from eco-friendly materials

Unleash your wild side and make a bold fashion statement with Sito Cult Vision Sunglasses. Embrace the power of the big cat eye and reign supreme in the sunglass queendom. These sunglasses are polarized.

Cosmic Blue

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