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Vans: A classic since 1966. Started by two brothers with the dream to bring a new style and quality of shoe to the people. Now, known as The Authentic, the then, #44 Deck Shoes were the first pair produced. It didn't take long for the people, and especially, skaters, to recognize that Vans' rugged design and sticky sole made for the perfect skate shoe. 

Now, fast forward 15 or so years and Vans debuts the now infamous Classic Slip-Ons in checkered pattern. Vans hasn't looked back since as they have continued to grow and even begin to allow for the customization of their shoes starting in 2004. 

Today, Vans is still the shoe of skateboarders, but also a classic style for everyday life. Vans are the perfect shoe for summer nights, walks on the boardwalk, and rides on the board to the beach. 

Here at Global Pursuit we carry a range of Vans' products; from the Classic Checker Slip On, to the Old Skool Sneaker, to various styles in their ComfyCush collection, and more. We love to pair Vans with some of our other favorite brands, such as Chubbies shorts and a nice short sleeve button down for the perfect day walking around town, or weeknight drinks, and even a day at the skate park.