Men's Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirts

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The short sleeve button down can fill many roles. It can be worn to the beach, to dinner, or to the bars. For those reasons, it is in a way the perfect Summer shirt. The staff at Global Pursuit loves short sleeved button downs because we can straight from work, to the beach, to the bars in them.

A number of our brands, from surf to fashion, make short sleeved button downs, and each has its place. Peter Millar and Scotch and Soda make beautiful pieces that can be worn on special nights out. Brands like Rusty and Katin, on the other hand, craft coastal button downs better for dive bars and beaches.

Chubbies, which specializes in fun styles and stretch fabrics, makes some of our favorite short sleeve button downs. Browse Men's Chubbies.

Patagonia's A/C shirt—incredibly lightweight and cool—is a staff favorite. This type of innovative product exemplifies Patagonia. Shop Men's Patagonia.

O'Neill, one of Global Pursuit's favorite surf brands, consistently makes high-quality, surf-inspired shirts. Check out Men's O'Neill.

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