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Reef has been a staple at Global Pursuit for years. From the classic Sandy to the updated Cushion Bounce, Reef sandals are always comfy, durable, and made in the spirit of oceanic adventure. Whether you're a die hard surfer, a beachcomber, or a city slicker with a surf-inspired style, Reef has the sandal for you.

Many of our Reef women's sandals are waterproof, take the Cushion Stargazer, for instance. This sandal is a cut above your average beach flop. Durable and stylish, this, much like many Reef sandals, can double as a dinner sandal.

Reef is a leader, too, in stylish, leather flops. The Cushion Sands and others will mold to your foot and provide all day, lasting comfort. And, as we all know, leather flip flops look timelessly good with a pair of jeans.

Surf's up!

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