Men's Volley Swim Trunks

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Volley swim trunks have interior netting and an elastic waistband. The myth is that this type of bathing suit is made only for older males. In fact, many of our younger customers prefer volleys to boardshorts.

Volleys are also not strictly for customers looking just to relax in their bathing suit. Patagonia's Baggy Short, which Global Pursuit has stocked for years and years, demonstrates how well volleys can work for the active, coastal male. But many volley shorts do tend more toward fashion than performance.

Some of our favorite volleys come from Peter Millar, whose swim line is consistently fun and stylish. The inseam of these trunks is usually around eight inches, which is the sweet spot for many men. Browse Men's Peter Millar.

Chubbies also makes some of our favorite volleys. Perhaps no other department better befits Chubbies' fun and loud designs than men's swim. After all, when is a better time to let your loudest flag fly than on the beach or at the pool? Shop Men's Chubbies.

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