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Boardshorts are quick-drying, durable bathing suits designed for surfers but suitable for many others. Boardshorts were first invented to address the lack of durability and stretch, integral for a surfer, inherent to the classic, baggy bathing suit.

Of course, the classic bathing suit with netting and an elastic waistband, the volley, has since become more durable and flexible. But boardshorts remain the number one choice of bathing suit for surfers, paddle-boarders, and many others.

You do not need to be a surfer, though, to prefer boardshorts. Many of our customers enjoy the sleek quality of boardshorts to the more baggy aspect of volleys.

Though volleys can work for most coastal activities too, we tend to recommend boardshorts to surfers, boogie boarders, ocean swimmers, and other aquatically active dudes.

Some of our favorite boardshorts come from O'Neill and Patagonia.

Patagonia has long been an industry leader in boardshort innovation. Their Planing Boardshorts, complete with UPF protection and loads of stretch, is a staff favorite at Global Pursuit. Shop Men's Patagonia.

O'Neill is one of our absolute favorite surf brands. Their boardshorts are consistently durable, quick-drying, and comfortable. Browse Men's O'Neill.

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